White Perfect Total 10

I’ve been really stress these few days. I know is holiday but I just can’t let go everything and go enjoy myself. Frankly I don’t even know how to handle it anymore. This small little space is making me suffocate, I can’t sleep well every night and I’m having terrible nightmares. Oh well… I don’t know what happens to me. I hope these sleepless nights will soon gone. (+︿+) 

I hope you guys are having a prefect date, an awesome trip or enjoyed wallowing at home. Haha, surprisingly that I’m not alone, I found one that’s enjoying his holiday at home with some coffee and readings; I mean yea, his is perfect but mine, I wasted my holiday spending most of the time worrying about this and that, stress about everything and end up I did nothing.

Bendan | Loreal Paris White Perfect Total 10

Went L’oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 launch previously, it’s happy to be there because I get to catch up with some of my girls, I miss teasing them lol of course not. I’ve few Total 10 samples before the event, used and I think it’s good, kinda suitable for my normal skin so…

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BCL BFF Workshop

Please allow me to whine for awhile. I has kind of a very pekcek day as everything seems to go against me, everything supposed to be under controlled but lost controlled. Having a hard time here but I’m trying my best to calm self down and finish this post *stress* as I’ve really busy 3days straight started on Monday and I hope tomorrow is weekend (3days to go) so please survive. I want a mini getaway, not too far but super relax one thankiu. K. No time to rant about own stuffs so let’s see how was my Sunday date orite? ( ̄0  ̄)|||

An unexpected guest here in this post.

Huimin: “Why you no lemme go dating!”

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Amante Charity Fair’14

My girlfriends and I was saying that we need a Spa Party so badly, a serious Spa and Massage session. Unexpectedly, Amante come out with this Charity Fair today so my girls went so crazy sharing about the poster. Haha, fb wall get spammed.

I might be busy on the 7th September, not sure whether I’m joining but is alright. Sharing is caring. Moreover it’s a charity fair, this even encourage me to give some support by spreading this around.

Please click on the photo or here for more information.

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Before I sleep…

My internet makes me cry. #onlyinmalaysia. Gawd, that’s definitely one of the reason why I always can’t duduk diam infront of my lappy. Piff! But then I love to play a movie or whatever show while waiting and this is the show imma in love with…

Addicted to #roommate recently and ditched #runningman for awhile! LOL Korean are really creative, I enjoy looking at these amazing people, from strangers to family; also I admire how korean think and how they strategies everything. Their shows are super inspiring and relaxing.

Alright, not too much for the show.

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