Keep you on your game | Under Armour

Be it rain or shine, day or night, in the gym or the great outdoors; whether you’re training for speed and agility, going for distance and endurance, or simply stretching your muscles for recovery – Under Armour has just the right athletic performance gear to help keep you on your game.

The Under Armour SpeedForm® Fortis, a novel Fall/Winter 2015 addition
– created to help you run strong

“When it comes to sports, Under Armour has always been about pushing boundaries. Not just for athletes, but also for all pursuing their fitness journeys. We are also constantly advancing our technology and innovation, aiding athletes to be at their best during trainings and at competitions in all conditions,” says Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Triple Pte Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Under Armour in Southeast Asia.

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Last weekday of May


Ohai Wazzup? I used to record ma life weekly, it was fun pun flashback the internet wasn’t this baaaaaad. My office internet super slow and my home internet is a bitch, very very troublesome. Pay so much for extremely slow speed internet, frus max. Don’t you say about streaming, I can’t blog, can’t do any uploads, can’t Dayre, can’t even tweet ok? Thanks to TMNet.

They should send their employees out to visit other tech-advance countries, let’em experience the fast internet. D’oh!! Whatever la… *breathe breathe* bear with it nao T^T

Jeng jeng jeng!! !

I’m back from ma company trip oredeh yoh people! Super fun super duper chillax place, miss my weekend there, the awesome last weekend! Almost paradise. I can put my brain into rest mode, basically you don’t have to use brain power but just enjoy as much as you can.

We’ve got everything there: food, boost, awesome people, beach, nice pool, party, nice music to do sotong dance, got korean lengcai! And I just have to skip the wifi part because Malaysia *slapshead*, bad internet everywhere.

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From Nerd to Hipster

这里就是最好收藏回忆的地方。说真的很多时候会忘记当初自己是什么模样,想看回的话,这里是最快找到的说。Albums太多相片太多往往会被我不知转放去哪里, 透面子书其实还是有一点难找,哈哈,本人有点低调。加上随着年龄更大就更少往 social media platforms 播。人言可畏啊,啊~ 得三思而后行呐!

Shopping? Yes please, very much!! But I’m so broke lols~

最近托开会的福,见完客户就铁定要吃,不然会饿死。重点是吃好吃的,都我爱吃的,而且那些回忆的店面,我就那么久没回来光顾啊?就我不太约陌生人出街为了避免一些我不想要的回忆 lol,以后我还得学习独自撑台脚呐!加油!!

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Fixing and fixing

So many thoughts whenever I read my old blogposts like 3 to 4 years ago. Haha, it sounds funny and stupid but still a fun read, very me ah! I think I used to talk a lot few years back, not sure when I started to keep everything myself. If you wonder I was a super quiet kid, first ever comment on my kindergarten booklet was “Quiet.” WTF?

Then we were having some kind of group commenting session last few weeks, the word quiet appeared again. Ten ten ten~ I’m just cool please, cool kid can? Don’t jelly =_____=

Surprisingly I was omg annoying noisy a year ago, I think I’ve never talk so much in my life. I did all those silly stuffs, I yelled, I pissed people off, I rap wtf? I sing and I dance sotongly fml, I choose to voice out because observe but not saying out didn’t work previously ten ten ten~ someone decided not to cherish it. Well, I wish the next one will accept the whole of me!

Issogeh. For now, I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kid. :D

Trust me, I always wanted to update a little bit of myself here and there, like nag nagging mumbles all the way. Put all the negativity in my blogpost and gain some dramatic haters. LOL even internet ban me for doing that, the shitty internet, gawd, just won’t load.

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