I know that I’ve been abandoned this space for very long. Sometimes flashback can be hurtful, I’m not ready to refresh my memories, although I’m refreshing it everyday but I’d keep it to myself. I hate I’m an emotional writer, write based on my mood and feelings… I’m not an easy let go person especially about feelings. I can hold on very long even it’s hurtful. Someone please teach me how to let go certain things in life, things stuck in my head I feels heavy.

Looking at the photos, I really don’t know how to start this.

I miss him.

We miss him, a lot.

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26th September 2014 – 29th September 2014
30th September 2014 – and counting…


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怎么 今天听起来却不一样,觉得很伤感。

全都是泡沫 只一剎的花火
你所有承諾 全部都太脆弱
而你的輪廓 怪我沒有看破 才如此難過

相愛的把握 要如何再搜索
相擁著寂寞 難道就不寂寞
愛本是泡沫 怪我沒有看破 才如此難過

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MTV World Stage 2014 | Sailor Jerry

I’m still in the party mode, I mean *wow* my weekend was kinda awesome. Thanks Sailor Jerry and Manoah for the inviting! It has been a long long time since the last party. Yea, I went FMFA earlier but everyone knows that it did not end well so I was super hyper on the day! *giggle*

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It’s getting super late but I’m so gonna get this done. *cough* Not feeling right these days but yeah, life goes on and who cares about the little tiny emotional stuffs of mine. It’s like roller coaster makes me dizzy wanna puke most of the time. Hahahahaha, stopthisbullshitwillya?

This post gonna filled of my ugly face, ugly selfie *coughcough* This is why I took quite a long time to get my posts done because I’m kinda reluctant a bit unwilling to show ma stupid face, it just looks terrible. I’m not a photogenic, looks errr.. ok in selfie but definitely not candid shots. Maybe I should have blog about my #20randomfacts of me but actually I’ve more but please, not too expose!

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