Nature Republic 4th Anniversary

Gonna change my desk over that west corner, lol said N times already and my desk is still over the menyampah corner of my room. Damn sien. Now I understand why sweetheart doesn’t likes to use his pc at home like me now don’t feels like sitting in front of my lappie after a whole week facing at the office desktop, feels very dizzy when typing this post. #toomuchonscreen

Oh yea, don’t really have time to update often but I’ll still try my best to update.

How’s life so far? I missed someone badly and hurts myself badly. But will heal one, one day. (^_-)-☆

Thanks for those who stayed by my side, non-stop supporting makes me stronger.

Although Chinese New Year is almost end but I’m still in a shopping mood. Another way to makes me better is to shop, lol seriously, I’ve overspent since last month and still spending. #superbroke

Bendan | Nature Republic 4th Anniversary

Thanks to Tammy and the Butterfly Project, I get to shop before Chinese New Year. It was a different shopping experience frankly but fun. Most of the time I’ll just shop alone or previously I’d shop with the love ones but this was the first time I shopped with the butterflies.

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Spring Festival Party | Yadah

I’ve been really really busy about hmm my personal stuffs, work, family and yada yada. Frankly, this Chinese New Year for me is just another normal holida, nothing special but celebrating with a broken heart, lol joking. It’s great that I get to meet up the big family and had some awesome quality time with them instead of me sitting at one corner mumbling to my Buzz. Who Buzz, this Buzz!

Bendan | Yadah Spring Festival Party

Here, my first party or event, January 2014. Was super excited when I receive the invitation, hehe~ I don’t like being left out and events with the butterflies are always fun fun fun! Aisk, I’ve already missed Mamasan’s Birthday party so definitely not gonna miss this.

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Sometimes, I think I’m going to quit everything, stop ranting here – blogging because I don’t really write about my feelings and my life anymore. I don’t even notice that my love one doesn’t visit my lil space anymore until he left, everything gone, leave me here with an empty shell #nosoul

It’s first day of Chinese New Year thou.

I had a great day with my parents and family, surprisingly happy because I didn’t spend so much time with them already. Although I upset a lil to be in this home sometimes, now I feels they are still the one who willing to be there for me/ with me, no matter what happens and no matter how I throw my tantrum at them, no matter how ugly I’m, no matter how I ignore them.

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Nail it with Bloop

Hi guys, I’m back. []~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Stared for hours seriously because I don’t know how to start this omg. So how about a simple one like “How you guys doing ya?” ← with the heavy accent one pls #lame

Bendan | Nail it with Bloop

Well, I did one post about le nail sticker which is super convenient and easy to stick. Best thing is the Instant Dry effect, no need to wave or wait it dry anymore!!! I like nail polishes very much but I never love to wait! What’s your favourite period or time to apply finger nails? I mean at home la, if I got the time, I hope to get them done at any nail saloon thou but for me, economic one will do. #nofuss

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Unicorn in the mirror
Sometimes I think I might have some delusional thingy but nah, how impossible right? Butt! Nothing is impossible, I’m sure that I’m a f*ckin Unicorn, I swear, and a badass one!! *cough* 2014 gonna be heiiighhh-er neigh like a horse because…

I’m trying to write my 2014 New Year Resolution here okay? Please be patient.

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