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No More

Spend sometime with the girls last Saturday and we mentioned about Wretch – 无名。
Ya right, first I blogged there like few years ago and it’s all in chinese.
Like the space because it’s very ME and I miss it a lot, really really a lot.

I used to spam there 3 -4 posts a day.
All rants, silly stuffs and of course it was kind of emotional. *giggles*

Now, not anymore.

The precious space wasn’t there anymore. Everyone switched to better platforms so they shut it down. *sigh* Sad coz I didn’t manage to backup all the post. 以前的眼泪是白流了,哈哈!

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5 Min Hair Makeover | Hair Depot

Hello bloggie, miss eu miss eu~ ♥

Haha, excuse me alright? I always like to mumble in my blog, nag nag nag, yeah right… how I hope it will answer me, like pamper me when I’m upset, laugh with me when I’m happy. Gawd~ I shared almost my every story with it what but not really recently coz I’m super duper busy lately. Thing is, I’m happy! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

This is me but I don’t think I looks like this anymore because I gained quite a lot within few weeks. T^T Eh, I know right, my face looks super chubby right now, seriously beh tahan anymore.

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Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions

Enchanteur, not something new to me. It was quite a popular brand during my childhood as my grandmother or aunty aunty were users. Shower gel if I’m not mistaken, it was yellowish, jelly gel type and I still remember the smell. lol now sounds so old right now, it was 10 – 20 years ago. *cough* Okays, I confess – I used to try them secretly because they smell really really good. ( ̄ˇ ̄)v

Noticing Enchanteur since young, TVC influenced. I still remember their TVC, it’s about how to tackle guy with Enchanteur yada yada~ heh! Mum refused to buy it because I should never trust TVC. But, but but.. I dai dai bought one la but end up I didn’t use it. Hey, using my pocket money ok? And mum was right. ( ̄. ̄)+

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