Feeling relax recently after pouring out thoughts. I mean wow, that was quite calm isn’t it? I have to admit that is very hard to read my mind, I lost count most of the time and I need a long time to figure out one simple question or emotional but that day, what I said, I meant… Read more


Promised myself to blog and take a good rest over the weekend because I wasn’t feeling so well. Almost forgot that I’ve dated my girls and we’ve events to attend. Tiring weekdays and all I want for my weekend is just sleep, eat and movies but never ever regret to hang out with my girls,… Read more


自我探索的过程真的很苦恼但当我每发现一个小细节的时候我能够从中学习,我觉得很棒。 不过我对我自己错过的美好事情觉得很抱歉很惋惜。总觉得 “啊,我为什么会那样?” 如果当时能够换个角度去想去对待 如果当时能够做个不一样的决定 也许那件会是一件美好的事情 如果,时间能够倒流重来,该多好。 我们每一次出外旅行一定会试吃当地小食还把许多7E能吃的都带回家。 很遗憾的,最后一次与爸爸的旅行,我没好好珍惜。 到今天心里还是有一根长刺,每一次不小心想起都会哭很久… 专什么牛角啊傻B。 我偏爱自由,有空没空我都爱一个人所以没什么陪家人。 难得我和妈妈都喜爱旅行,我唯一能做的就是陪她到处去。

Keep you on your game | Under Armour

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Last weekday of May

25.5.15 Ohai Wazzup? I used to record ma life weekly, it was fun pun flashback the internet wasn’t this baaaaaad. My office internet super slow and my home internet is a bitch, very very troublesome. Pay so much for extremely slow speed internet, frus max. Don’t you say about streaming, I can’t blog, can’t do any uploads, can’t Dayre, can’t even… Read more

From Nerd to Hipster

这里就是最好收藏回忆的地方。说真的很多时候会忘记当初自己是什么模样,想看回的话,这里是最快找到的说。Albums太多相片太多往往会被我不知转放去哪里, 透面子书其实还是有一点难找,哈哈,本人有点低调。加上随着年龄更大就更少往 social media platforms 播。人言可畏啊,啊~ 得三思而后行呐! Shopping? Yes please, very much!! But I’m so broke lols~ 最近托开会的福,见完客户就铁定要吃,不然会饿死。重点是吃好吃的,都我爱吃的,而且那些回忆的店面,我就那么久没回来光顾啊?就我不太约陌生人出街为了避免一些我不想要的回忆 lol,以后我还得学习独自撑台脚呐!加油!!

Fixing and fixing

So many thoughts whenever I read my old blogposts like 3 to 4 years ago. Haha, it sounds funny and stupid but still a fun read, very me ah! I think I used to talk a lot few years back, not sure when I started to keep everything myself. If you wonder I was a… Read more


特地早回家因为这几天真的,真的睡不好。 很努力让自己在轻快铁上小睡一下, 可是睡不下,眼睛很累的可是还是打起精神来 要确定自己身旁的人是什么人, 外面的世界太可怕了… 卧床的方向和隔壁家的厨房只隔了一片破墙, 记得邻居刚搬进来得时候,在厨房钻洞结果钻了两圈就钻过来我房, 完全可以面对面交谈的那种。 可是我喜欢面向大窗口, 就算24连上窗帘,看的见微光, 我也很高兴。

Expansion of Under Armour Stores

Great news, peeps! :) Under Armour, one of the leading global developer and manufacturer of performance footwear and apparel, is launching two new stores in Kuala Lumpur, located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Mid Valley Megamall. Both the stores carry a provocative experiential concept, allowing a customer to fully experience what it means to be… Read more

Pimp my Chu Lip xoxo

Allow me to tear a little because I’m finally here. Please internet, don’t fail on me, today or at least a few hours, just lemme complete this. *cries* I just can’t deal with the Internet anymore. PMS don’t make me cranky but Internet is. It was a long journey from home. Trembled a little when… Read more