L’oreal #beautycountdown

It feels like Christmas already!! Hoho!! Holiday mood onz, every!

Here back to reality, can I not travel so far everyday to work is kinda tiring and I’ve to struggle blanket and bed struggle much to leave my bed and my house lols! Holiday mood is there but still gotta work people, work for life ok?

Well, I’m going to do a announcement post to show some support for The Butterfly Project. Of course, L’oreal one of the famous beauty brand in town.

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Dear Secret Santa,


I’ve been thinking whether I should do this post since Christmas is coming and my company is definitely going to have this Secret Santa session! Well, some of my colleagues asked what would I love to receive as gift, how can you ask me like that too shy to answer wtf! Hahahaha… geez, I actually have something in my mind for quite some time but these are not a must have, just something that “Ah, these are quite useful if I can have em…”

I want a DW Daniel Wellington Classic, a Baby-G or a flipcamera badly!

An all-paid expenses Trip, Or maybe you can get me a car, Or a boyfriend…

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Kracie x Butterfly Project

Got fuu~ or not, macam yes right? Well, Jennifer asked me to pose it but seems like she was so disappointed with this not-so-professional model which not-a-photogenic at all, ya, I feels sad also soli! I’ll try best not to smile next time, btw I can’t do side profile la *sigh*

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I know that I’ve been abandoned this space for very long. Sometimes flashback can be hurtful, I’m not ready to refresh my memories, although I’m refreshing it everyday but I’d keep it to myself. I hate I’m an emotional writer, write based on my mood and feelings… I’m not an easy let go person especially about feelings. I can hold on very long even it’s hurtful. Someone please teach me how to let go certain things in life, things stuck in my head I feels heavy.

Looking at the photos, I really don’t know how to start this.

I miss him.

We miss him, a lot.

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26th September 2014 – 29th September 2014
30th September 2014 – and counting…


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