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How’s Christmas everyone? []~( ̄▽ ̄)~* I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Heh, me? Had fever, flu and sore throat. Wanted to out to have a movie alone but end up tucked in bed for 2days. Precisely I’ve been sick for this entire December, fever at least 2days a week. Don’t ask me why or how, I really don’t hope that’s dengue or whatever. *cough* yea! I think I survived.

Although there’s no outing or celebrate much like those sweet couples, crazy single lad-friends and those who spent their joyful moment with their parent and family member. Aww, I can imagine how fun it is playing around with small siblings, gift exchange, big feast, for couples – day even filled with cuddles, kisses, selfies etc.

I felt old. Like really really super old. In the past, I’ll definitely feel sad if I didn’t get to celebrate such lovely seasons but for now, I feels so peaceful and relax laying on my cozy room, home alone – eat sleep movie repeat (if there’s no medicine and drowsy made).

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A Rustic Woodland Christmas

Wookays, now my blog is alive. There’s lotsa theme and plugin updates lately, I ter-update some plugins that’s got bugs so my blog were dead for the last few days. It’s right in time for this post, before Christmas!

Well, I did celebrate my Christmas already like so so early last week with my dear fellow colleagues and received a surprise gift from my best buddy. I think I’ll just hibernate next week during Christmas, the sick one need to recharge. Yes me, the permanent fever girl. *oh damn* that’s how my boss called me.  Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Blame my artistic and creative sensitivity *cough* I will always inquisitive about everything mostly something about art. I’ll go review and admire other’s art piece also pick on them sometimes.

I must say that 1 Utama’s A Rustic Woodland Christmas – Love & Joy theme is really awesome! They nailed it #1UtamaChristmas2014

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听这歌,看着MV 还让我心里纠结。

MV 里两个都是我喜欢的女歌手耶,而且林依晨是我最近的女神啦!两个超漂亮的!!
MV 故事内容拍摄角度全部都很好,歌词很个人但觉得也满适合我现在的心情。


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L’oreal #beautycountdown

It feels like Christmas already!! Hoho!! Holiday mood onz, every!

Here back to reality, can I not travel so far everyday to work is kinda tiring and I’ve to struggle blanket and bed struggle much to leave my bed and my house lols! Holiday mood is there but still gotta work people, work for life ok?

Well, I’m going to do a announcement post to show some support for The Butterfly Project. Of course, L’oreal one of the famous beauty brand in town.

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Dear Secret Santa,

I’ve been thinking whether I should do this post since Christmas is coming and my company is definitely going to have this Secret Santa session! Well, some of my colleagues asked what would I love to receive as gift, how can you ask me like that too shy to answer wtf! Hahahaha… geez, I actually have something in my mind for quite some time but these are not a must have, just something that “Ah, these are quite useful if I can have em…”

I want a DW Daniel Wellington Classic, a Baby-G or a flipcamera badly!

An all-paid expenses Trip, Or maybe you can get me a car, Or a boyfriend…

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