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Fixing and fixing

So many thoughts whenever I read my old blogposts like 3 to 4 years ago. Haha, it sounds funny and stupid but still a fun read, very me ah! I think I used to talk a lot few years back, not sure when I started to keep everything myself. If you wonder I was a super quiet kid, first ever comment on my kindergarten booklet was “Quiet.” WTF?

Then we were having some kind of group commenting session last few weeks, the word quiet appeared again. Ten ten ten~ I’m just cool please, cool kid can? Don’t jelly =_____=

Surprisingly I was omg annoying noisy a year ago, I think I’ve never talk so much in my life. I did all those silly stuffs, I yelled, I pissed people off, I rap wtf? I sing and I dance sotongly fml, I choose to voice out because observe but not saying out didn’t work previously ten ten ten~ someone decided not to cherish it. Well, I wish the next one will accept the whole of me!

Issogeh. For now, I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kid. :D

Trust me, I always wanted to update a little bit of myself here and there, like nag nagging mumbles all the way. Put all the negativity in my blogpost and gain some dramatic haters. LOL even internet ban me for doing that, the shitty internet, gawd, just won’t load.

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Random Pix


I missed the old me which I love to express myself here, in my blog but now I don’t really doing it anymore because when things changed, it change. Like, things goes publicize you won’t want things to be so obvious, so easy to understand by others, yes~ not honest, probably a journal has became an excuse… things continues with other purposes.

Am I?

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是长大了吗?话说是出来社会离毕业都快要五六年了。笨头笨脑的还真的还会不习惯… 时常会觉得自己非常的脱节;要么同年龄的已经知道自己在做些什么,不然就是全都跑去结婚当少奶奶了,再不然的就是遇到年龄还小我几年的都已经跟着社会的轨道走着了而我还在后面追。很多时候觉得做什么都很累,生活很累,自己好累。还真的不知道如何才可以让自己开心…

最近的总给自己堆了很多压力,做什么都使不起劲。就被这些压力和现实让我觉得自己什么都不是还真的很不是滋味!我真的有那么差哦?<( ̄ ﹌  ̄)>


久违了笨蛋脸。给脸呼吸呼吸去了~ (= ̄ω ̄=)

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SM Suits Warrior



Oh gosh… I don’t get it why Im still here while it’s 6am already, totally zombified I can no need to sleep. Guess what? When a problem end, here comes the others; that’s why I have never ending problems, I can never stop thinking, I can hardly relax myself because Im the kind of weak person, love to care – care to much. Love to think – think to much. #gg

Yup, I’ve got terasa with something else; guess I’m seriously over sensitive. Screwed my own life, maybe Im the only one will care this much until I could not fall asleep. Meh~ whatever.

What a good weather to grab a beauty sleep but apparently, it slips. Imma blogging here eh, what do you say? Lol! Btw, me had Resident Evil after awesome Japanese Dining with the MHB girls, there’s guys now too, surprisingly ha?! #smokinghot

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Sweet or sweat?



Hey People… Hows your day? #curious instead of wanting you guys to read about ma super lame daily craps. Drop me an emoticon la lemme know hows your day like. Muahahahaha!! You know what? Okay, you don’t know… Btw, If you follows me in instagram: @bendan_km you’ll know…


Today, I killed a Hello Kitty!!!



No no… Precisely, I ate a slice of Hello Kitty, didn’t kill lolz

Very cute right the mooncake? It taste good actually, at first I thought yerrr~ such cute mooncake must be selling the look only la!! But, but but really can’t judge by the cover eh!! Same goes to people la, don’t judge. Hypocrite I mean yes… Like she’s trying to be friend friend with you then take away your belongings, what to say. I saw Suresh post a book title name: “Why Men Marry Bitches” well I think the book is quite interesting, me might be reading it. To be #likeabitch

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