lol-ed with the word lose heart, is that the correct word to say? Btw, just saying that me wanna stuck in for clearing all the post then Today, I feels a bit discouraged and nothing much did this afternoon, feeling really really bad right now. Just because of the damn bad negative minded attacking me again. Staying too much at home, thinking too much alone.

If only there’s a nice and wifi-ed cafe, I don’t mind carry my heavy laptop out. Take a sip and start doing with my stuffs. Frankly, it’s kinda stressful staying at home, rawr~ thinking to get myself a pit already, whatever it is. Gambateh yo, imma gonna done at least one post before continue with my One Piece-su!! Teeheee!! Gogogo…


The date above, quite a happening day eh? Hahaha.. if only you realize that it’s the same day for my Bloop’s and Salute’s event, both in my previous posts. It did not end the day with just makeups and brasseries but a party. 😀

Actually not much for this post because a rave party is something rave, I mean, people going for the music, the DJ or probably the smokey environment. Surprisingly, all rave parties that I’ve went to recently are mostly occupied by Malay. Well, the old days are just Chinese and angmos ma. Hehe!!

Nah~ maybe I’m getting old, sometimes I think that party is tiring. I rather go for a movie, have some drinks, a sip of coffee, walk around or whatever. Simply dislike the smokey environment, I guess so, but I don’t mind smokey environment with awesome music la!! *winks*

For me, I think the front part was kinda boring and the music are not really that good. *Ahemm* Well, front part is not that important also coz we were there for Joachim Garraud’s Invasion 3D!! It’s the first 3D rave party in KL, I won’t wanna miss it too so… gonna wait!!

Me with my Invasion 3D glasses

And us!! ♥

Ya, I know I’m looking tired. Actually yes because I’ve drove to Sunway for Bloop in the noon then I stuck in the traffic for 2 to 3hours back to home area next headed to Pavilion for Salute’s party. Oh man, was kinda exhausted already somemore I’ve made a wrong choice which I was wearing a pairs of bloody hell high heels which is very very uncomfortable one, I was almost dead. Thank you for being understanding! (○^~^○) ♥

Although the music so so la but one thing, the lighting was super awesome that night!! Very fun looking at the light with the 3D glasses on!! Hahaha~

Countdown for Joachim Garraud

And he took quite a long time to appears lo… pity the DJ that played before him.

We leave after Joachim Garraud played for 45min I guess. You want a heart to heart words for this? He’s a music player more than a DJ I see, the 3D was good but the graphic looks almost the same I mean it’s still not standout so I’m kinda disappointed with it la. Somemore, the reason we leave early was his special guest that sang for the night, horrible I tell you!! LOLZ, ears hurt a little deswai. =X

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