The bitch went escapade – Couples


That’s absolutely not me.. Haha!!
Look at the piggy pout, so cute right!! Girls, You gonna find some boy like that..kay??

I think you must be very boring with my couples pichas~ don’t feels sour!!

Here, I’m gonna share you the pretty girls pichas!!


Muahahahahahaha!! I ♥ this pichas~ What do you think??

Thanks for watching!
to be continue…

by Bendan, =P

© 2011, Bendan. All rights reserved.

28 Thoughts on “The bitch went escapade – Couples

  1. Aww so sweet! My boyfie doesn’t like to take pics,sigh T.T

  2. wow…nice pics. i wish i could take lots of pics like that with my girl too….haha

  3. awww! so sweet! Now I need to search where is Escapade :D

  4. nuff nuff! awww! sweet couple here! =)

  5. cute leh (: hahah. didn’t go to the beach for like, idk? 3 years perhaps? miss it

  6. happy days with loved one :)

  7. nice trip…so sweet going out with bf!!

  8. pretty girl at da beach~! *whistles*

  9. aww sweet! very nice pictures =)

  10. Sweet couples =) Nice photos taken!

  11. Waaaaa hot chick. Er, I mean, sweet couple. LOL.

  12. HAHAHAHHAHA sweeet larh babe :P somemore keep zat him that day LOL! go beach nvr ajak larh :P

  13. Ermm…whr is this escape?

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  14. yorr so sweettttttt>< i thought boys dun like to take pix one lol envy TT TT when is my turn???T^T lol

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