I felt so flattered to be invited to Milbon Global Hair Care Line Grand Launch at Grand Hyatt KL. It was a great grand fine dine experience with NEKDERX, they have really thoughtful marketing people.

I’m a huge fan of anything from Japan. Yes, One Piece! Manga yes also anime but I admire their culture more, the food, makeups, beauty products, technology etc. My first solo trip to Tokyo not long ago has Japanese-fied myself even more. Mind my creativity.

Milbon Hair Care is Japan’s No.1 Professional Hair Care Brand since 1965. Honestly, it’s not a new thing to me as I had few Milbon hair care treatment experiences – I must say they are good. I did my first Milbon treatment at Number 76, 3 years ago and I’d go back for Milbon treatment, at least once a year after that.

What I had was their Salon Care: in-salon consultation, deep-conditioning treatment and at-home weekly booster. But now, they have 3 types of Home Care series that can help us to enhance manageability and appearance at home.

The All-New Milbon Signature Line

For textural concerns. Instantly detangles and improves the feel of hair, giving it a soft, silky-smooth finish. Available in individual formulas, each specifically designed for fine, medium and coarse hair. Fresh, floral scent.

For dull, dry and porous hair. Reverses damage caused by repeated color service through weightlessly moisture and ensuring long-lasting, vibrant color. Fruity, aqueous scent.

For severely damaged and over-processed hair. Restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged in the first place – while enhancing its performance during blowouts. Warm, sweet scent.

I bleached my hair once and I dyed more than 5 times if I’m not mistaken. My hair is definitely suitable for all three magical series.

One of my blogger friend, Carmen Hong did a quick sharing on her Milbon experience. She reminds me of… it’s time to go for a Milbon treatment soon. *giggles* Too busy these days.

Introducing team members of Milbon Global Hair Care Line. Thank you so much for having me, you guys did a really good job on the presentation and demonstration. I learnt a lot that day, not just the hair knowledge but how advance hair care can be.

Let’s not be lengthy, view https://www.facebook.com/milbonmalaysia/ for more information. xoxo

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