Venue: MCD
Date: 23.8.11
Time: 8pm

Title:  Me, 1st time dumb dumb buying GCB.

Frankly, I haven’t try MCD’s GCB yet, since they guys wanted to have MCD as dinner so I followed. Ordered and ready to pay but suddenly…

The cute guy (cashier)smiled and says: ” Ah moi, single? “

Me stunt for few secs and reply: ” Huh?? “

He repeated again: ” SINGLE? “

This time is clear but with doubt, I still thinks that I’ve mishearing or whatever so I nodded and reply softly: ” Errrr~~~~~ Yea, single…” >///<

I took my meals and turned, I was still thinking about the thing that he just asked then I saw Labi standing behind asking: ” Eh, why you dapao one? “

Me: ” Ya… I dunno why he gimme dapao and I’m so blur, don’t even understand what the cashier asked… bla bla bla… “

Forget about it, we started to eat and chat…

Kian Fai was eating fast then he grabbed his GCB after done with the whatever burger and says: ” Aiyoo… that fellow ah, shit la, why giving me SINGLE? “

MCD_kahmon_single by

Ok, now I know why did the cute guy asking me that way…


Double or Single??

Luckily, I did not answer him: ” AVAILABLE… ” WTF!!!

by Bendan, ==”

43 thoughts on “Ah moi, Single??”

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  2. This is damn funny. At first I thought the cashier really had the intention asking you whether “SINGLE OR NOT AVAILABLE” those kind question. I almost forgot that McD had introduce Double GCB.

    Thumb up for this post 😀

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