Anger + Sadness

Was browsing online, inspiration seeking for that never ending task. If it’s a game, it’s like playing an outdated game for 2 years. I mean, game always come out with new updates, they give you different missions to keep you playing. Btw who play a same old outdated game for 2 years, not like it’s Dota. Even… Read more

Wind Chimes in A Bakery

Could have hardly to remember but I did have my baking moments back there because my mum is a very great cook, she’s a genius that she can do everything, nothing impossible to her. And there’s a time that she was so into baking and of course I joined, helped and played around. Most successful… Read more

The Massage Party | Amante

Was kind of upset today because of the word judging; forgive me for being haltingly I might be exposing myself very much here years ago but can’t really do it right now, just can’t as I treats here my home somewhere I belongs, sometimes I’d feels so so much troublesome when I feels like I… Read more

K-Palatte | Beauty Workshop

Guilty a little because I’ve neglected my blog for a week, I don’t really have the time for it during the weekends and been busy outing few days ago. Busy days filled with events and workshops I mean… I love it! I don’t mind travel around with my girls for something really informative and beneficial.… Read more

Spa Party | Gallery

Finally, I blogged about the Spa Party by the Butterfly Project also mentioned all the awesome organizers or sponsoring brands that involving, I mean everything about the awesomous party I’ve already wrote in right there in my previous post, please read it to know what’s happened during the Spa Party. At least you’ll know what’s… Read more

Welcome to The Spa Party!

Flashback, me retarded a little when I receive a butterfly mail/ reading that email. Can’t hide my happiness and how *surprise* I was, gosh~ I was invited to the Spa Party!! Lemme recall how here. Thanks Tamago for being understanding as that’s the day before his Birthday but he had decided to let me go, to… Read more

Man Of Steel | Plusizekitten’s Birthday

I know it’s out-mode a bit, I’ve been trying my best to post whatever I can. Me wanted to blog about this 2weeks ago but thinking about a creative way to blog about it? Ouch, makes everything dragged. *squeezebrainjuice* Well, creative posts of this get to win another 4 complimentary passes from Plusizekitten for another… Read more

Aegyo Princess’s Summer Giveaway

Stumbled upon on Marxie’s blog about her Summer Giveaway which she’s actually giving away some of the awesome cosmetics from Etude House. I’m not sure about oversea, probably Etude House is one of the famous cosmetics brand in Korea but guess, it’s a known Korea brand in Malaysia as well. I don’t really liking Korea… Read more