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Wind Chimes in A Bakery

Could have hardly to remember but I did have my baking moments back there because my mum is a very great cook, she’s a genius that she can do everything, nothing impossible to her. And there’s a time that she was so into baking and of course I joined, helped and played around. Most successful baking of mine should be bread pizza, muahahaha~ I don’t even know that’s consider as but as long as they came out from the oven, right? Fyi, they tasted awesome!!


Actually I would bake or cook if I’ve that dream kitchen I wants and time, definitely, in the future I guess. It’s time to get myself a dream house and a dream kitchen already. Nah, before getting too much into the future, let me share about my baking experience lately with wonderful Samsung bloggers, Thanks Manoah for the invite.

Bendan | Wind Chimes in A Bakery - Galaxy S4This couple in the frame looks familiar right?

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Eucerin Let’s Talk Skin Science Blogger Workshop

Participate in a small contest yesterday, the question is: Why friends are important to me. Friends are really important to me eventhou I don’t have much probably none. The childish young me always think that I can have lotsa friends because of my personalities and attitude, I did, during my school days but it’s hardly to say who’s my best friend or friends now at this old lady age. #pathetic But I think I’m better than those who really have attitude problems one la, those haters I mean. They are more pathetic than me. *grins*

Bendan | Eucerin Let’s Talk Skin Science Blogger WorkshopI bet you see these silly faces really often in my blog even on my facebook wall; she’s really my #addiction lately, like Cheesie and Aud? Is hard to find someone be there listen to your daily craps, asspain problems, listen to what you’re good at without any jealousy. Oh wait, there’s 3more which is Ah Ping, Ah Lynn and Ah Loi, yes, a torn among the flowers… petals je.

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The Massage Party | Amante

Was kind of upset today because of the word judging; forgive me for being haltingly I might be exposing myself very much here years ago but can’t really do it right now, just can’t as I treats here my home somewhere I belongs, sometimes I’d feels so so much troublesome when I feels like I wanna say it but I can’t. Rawr~ forget about it.

Hey, how’s your weekend going? I might be stressing deep inside that I didn’t realize but I’ve been having nightmaressss over the weekend even a fast napping just now. Dreamt about kena cucuk by the close one, by the love ones, by those I wanna be with them… Never trust anyone except yourself meh! I don’t know but why kena cucuk lolx, dream is just a dream I hope so then nightmares mean nothing. :)

Bendan | The Massage Party | Amante

A selfie of me during the Amante Massage Party, this is one great party I’ve joined. If you asked, I think I prefer this one than the Spa one because I truly get to enjoyed and relaxed!! #pamperingsessionsuccess Guess I won’t posting much me in this post so I’d start it with my Statue of Liberty lady selfies, hope you like it! Muahahahah~ ♥

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K-Palatte | Beauty Workshop

Guilty a little because I’ve neglected my blog for a week, I don’t really have the time for it during the weekends and been busy outing few days ago. Busy days filled with events and workshops I mean… I love it! I don’t mind travel around with my girls for something really informative and beneficial. :3

Not driving after the last incident, I bumped into the front car because of the bloody hell 6hours traffic jam. I rather take public transport nowadays probably gonna recover from some mentality disorder or whatever, Thanks Tamago for willing to fetch that’s the almost sweetest support from him… bwahahaha!! Okay, cut craps~ not really comfortable with my desk already as it’s too small for me to do big thing fml =_________= change!!


Clearing mission in progress, lemme share you readers some of the Beauty Workshop I’ve attended. I know it may be quite some time ago yada who cares, I’ve lotsa pictures here. Hahaha, people love picture right!?

Few of us actually woke up really early during the weekend, Sunday if I’m not mistaken for something beauty or makeup related stuffs like picture shown below!
Bendan | K-Palatte Beauty Workshop

If you’re a Sasa or Japanese Makeup products fans like me, you may have heard K-Palatte. Fyi, you can easily find K-Palatte at any Sasa outlet. I knew K-Palatte since last year through their introduction beauty workshop here, Thanks to Manoah Consulting once again for choosing me also to learn the new skill of current femes makeup.

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Spa Party | Gallery

Finally, I blogged about the Spa Party by the Butterfly Project also mentioned all the awesome organizers or sponsoring brands that involving, I mean everything about the awesomous party I’ve already wrote in right there in my previous post, please read it to know what’s happened during the Spa Party.

At least you’ll know what’s the Spa Party we girls keep mentioning than viewing my gallery here because me ain’t gonna repeat the one whole story again here, people that read might get bored. So please head over my previous post for the actual post. But allow me, Thanks Good Friends CafeAspen Spa AsiaJohnson & JohnsonThe BodyShopFotoboxPink N’ ProperPosh!TT MaskHavaianasonlybeauty.com.my and the Butterfly Project for the event! :3

Was thinking to update more about the party because there’s lotsa tagging photos all over my fb; although the Spa Party was a month ago but the pictures are still everywhere. Haha!! So, why not I just collect all the pictures and made it into one favourite gallery like I’m gonna do in this post.

Bendan | The Spa Party - The Butterfly Project

This is love!! \^o^/  Thanks The Butterfly Project for choosing the right photobooth, Fotobox is totally awesome. See how we girls enjoyed ourselves at this very corner!! Spot me in every of the strips, k?!

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