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L’oreal #beautycountdown

It feels like Christmas already!! Hoho!! Holiday mood onz, every!

Here back to reality, can I not travel so far everyday to work is kinda tiring and I’ve to struggle blanket and bed struggle much to leave my bed and my house lols! Holiday mood is there but still gotta work people, work for life ok?

Well, I’m going to do a announcement post to show some support for The Butterfly Project. Of course, L’oreal one of the famous beauty brand in town.

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Kracie x Butterfly Project

Got fuu~ or not, macam yes right? Well, Jennifer asked me to pose it but seems like she was so disappointed with this not-so-professional model which not-a-photogenic at all, ya, I feels sad also soli! I’ll try best not to smile next time, btw I can’t do side profile la *sigh*

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MTV World Stage 2014 | Sailor Jerry

I’m still in the party mode, I mean *wow* my weekend was kinda awesome. Thanks Sailor Jerry and Manoah for the inviting! It has been a long long time since the last party. Yea, I went FMFA earlier but everyone knows that it did not end well so I was super hyper on the day! *giggle*

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Scholl #MYVelvetSmooth


That’s one busy week, yup weekend as well but I think I’m kinda enjoying it, well use all the time with no negative thoughts. Heh, feeling great!

Bendan | Instagram

Follow my instagram if you have not, I’ll update more often there. Speaking of insta, picture above is from my insta yo!

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Cremorlab by Muse

Grrr~ having problem with Google+, I wonder if it’s just me. The photo albums just can’t load and don’t even mention if you got the wrong click, you’ve to re-search Google+ homepage again and click on the album again yada yada yada… well, today just ain’t feeling well. Feels so dizzy and the tummy was growling all time, not the matter of hunger trust me, it is just trying to be bad to me. #karma

I wanted to update more on my daily stuff but I really don’t have the time to do so. I’ve been busy really busy til I struggles sometimes I gets emo and cry myself to bed. *sigh* Too much input to ma head but not much output lol same goes to the stupid tummy, that’s why I fatso yo!

Ok, I miss dat camera already although it’s not mine. Thanks Jackie for borrowing me for a month but still I think a month is short and I has not figure it all out yet. Ya, BYE Samsung NX Mini. Pictures in this post are all captured using that camera kays, just a little bit low light/ indoor lighting problems, noise a bit and if the flash can adjust more etc… more to explore… Least it is light weighted and able to selfie – FLIPSCREEN!

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