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Fixing and fixing

So many thoughts whenever I read my old blogposts like 3 to 4 years ago. Haha, it sounds funny and stupid but still a fun read, very me ah! I think I used to talk a lot few years back, not sure when I started to keep everything myself. If you wonder I was a super quiet kid, first ever comment on my kindergarten booklet was “Quiet.” WTF?

Then we were having some kind of group commenting session last few weeks, the word quiet appeared again. Ten ten ten~ I’m just cool please, cool kid can? Don’t jelly =_____=

Surprisingly I was omg annoying noisy a year ago, I think I’ve never talk so much in my life. I did all those silly stuffs, I yelled, I pissed people off, I rap wtf? I sing and I dance sotongly fml, I choose to voice out because observe but not saying out didn’t work previously ten ten ten~ someone decided not to cherish it. Well, I wish the next one will accept the whole of me!

Issogeh. For now, I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kid. :D

Trust me, I always wanted to update a little bit of myself here and there, like nag nagging mumbles all the way. Put all the negativity in my blogpost and gain some dramatic haters. LOL even internet ban me for doing that, the shitty internet, gawd, just won’t load.

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Expansion of Under Armour Stores

Great news, peeps! :)

Under Armour, one of the leading global developer and manufacturer of performance footwear and apparel, is launching two new stores in Kuala Lumpur, located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Mid Valley Megamall.

Both the stores carry a provocative experiential concept, allowing a customer to fully experience what it means to be an athlete and feel the spirit of the Under Armour brand as soon as they step in.

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Pimp my Chu Lip xoxo

Allow me to tear a little because I’m finally here. Please internet, don’t fail on me, today or at least a few hours, just lemme complete this. *cries* I just can’t deal with the Internet anymore. PMS don’t make me cranky but Internet is.

It was a long journey from home. Trembled a little when I realized that I didn’t have any small change with me that day and I took a cab. Thankfully the driver was friendly enough to send me there to my destination and waited me outside the mall whilst I went look for small change. Well, I’ve bad experience with cab la so, don’t really feels comfortable taking it anymore.

Bendan | Pimp my Chu Lip xoxo

My first event with The Butterfly Project this year, not really active in events lately because stressed out, I can’t deal with lotsa things. If I got the time, I just feels like pamper myself and get some rest. Oh there, lip balm is about pamper myself okay?

You can’t find any makeup products in my bag but lip balm, can’t live without. :)

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Pampering Sunday

Can’t tell how happy I’m right now sitting in front of my laptop blogging. I survived another week! *tears* And It’s like wow, February already! Valentines ain’t my day anymore and it gonna be another restless Chinese New year but I’m looking forward to travel with my family, again. Without my dad this time.

Last week was terrified! Life messed up with wrong ingredients: busy, frustration, argument, anger, scary, miserable, tears etc even caused myself into danger. Well, you can read my scary cab experience here. Most terrible alone experience ever. Beat it, Im gonna skip. I find myself can be super off topic and long winded sometimes.

Least throughout this hard time, bloody miserable one whole year – I experienced a lot, realize life is short; I lost, gained and learned also noticed that I should love myself more, reward and pamper myself once in awhile instead of waiting someone to do the job.

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Easy Peasy Makeup

So you confused?

People always question about my “bare” face, especially new friends, they confuse. They confuse about my age, confuse about my face, they questioned about my look.

“Looks well maintained, I thought you’re only (fill in my age)” and the following question must be “Do you make up?” or “So you don’t makeup?”

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