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Snow White skin | SEKKISEI

Hi Kais! How you peepoo doin? :D

Surprisingly I’m not so good as I turned myself into a monster, stress kut? rawr I started to eat a lot of snacks, I want that chips, cakes and chocolate so badly, I craves for food all the time, addicted to coffee but no becoz it’s not good for my grill – braces’ fault. I used to hate OT because I want my time with the loves one but now excellent, I rather stay in the office than go home early. When I go home late means I won’t able to get my beauty sleep. End up I’m the one who suffer and my skin suffers.

I feels like I’ve a lot of things to do, tons of unfinished tasks but wonder if they exist. Just me being plain nervous, so edgy. 囧, 真的 神经病了! 整天神经兮兮的, 生活过得不是很滋味。But then relac la, my weekend escapade has just ended but I can’t wait to visit the shopping heaven once again. Who wanna go with me next? LOL

Bendan | Snowy SEKKISEI [KOSE]

Beauty, to me is being comfortable on your own skin.

My life basically filled with lotsa unexpected stuffs, negativity; I even buried myself with stress, pointless stress and dull emotions. I work late, sleep late, think nonsense, changing into a so not healthy lifestyle, bad eating habit and so but I’ll never give up on my skin. No matter what happens, I won’t! Definitely definitely won’t abandon my face, I’ll still stick with my 3steps skin routine and pamper myself with something better and richer once awhile.

Girls, you just have to love yourself more, k? :3

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Fairy Whitez


所以说还是要好好调理好身子,由内到外都要有美白到才是王道。 ╮(╯▽╰)╭

We girls believe that fair skin makes us looks pretty/ prettier no matter how. I used to hate that statement because I’m a beach lover kind of a sunshine girl. I love to swim, I go to the beach and travels often, go anywhere freely do what I want anytime but when one grows up, something just ain’t so right… lol!! So yeah, when I noticed that all the pretty girls around me are fairer than me, I goes: OMG SO PRETTY! I wish I’m in the fair skin princess group too!

Bendan | Fairy Whitez x HiShop

Fairy Whitez is always one of the must try fairy magic portion in my whitening list. Tips for the girls, best is to has a list of do and don’t in your whitening list (like put on sunblock and use umbrella) in order to achieve your ideal result. Hehehe~ Thank you HiShop for such a great great chance for me to go pretty again. *pring* Remember, brighter skin = prettier!!

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MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day

Good Morning! \ (๑→ܫ←) /

Wake up in the morning feels like having heavy breakfast hahahaha but I have no time to prepare myself a sandwich or I’m just plain lazy. No no no… I tried the nasi lemak stall nearby my house that day, oily and really a cheat one with no egg. Omigod, I’m really addicted to eggs these days. *tummy growling* Typing this in a super hungry mode, gonna have something nice for lunch later!

By the way, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Tip for girls that wanna control their weight, do not skip breakfast!

Although I don’t have big breakfast most of the time, especially during weekdays, will be really rushing for me but I’ll definitely, confirm to kick start my day with a mug of yummy hot MILO every morning. Well, almost every morning. Hahaha! I’ll  switch it once awhile when I forget to refill…

Bendan | MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day

Great thing is we got MILO in our office. ♥ Here goes my breakfast peeps!

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The lights! Makes me looks like a celebrity here *dreamin* Yea, how I hope I’m one. I wanna talk about the weather but no lolx, I wanna talk about the med that I took that makes me super tired and drowsy til I fainted yesterday but nope. I don’t really update often what so I feels like craps a little before I start with the updates, peeps, you just gonna bear with my silliness uh huh! *pouts*

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Bun bun face II

Shouldn’t have call it bun bun face anymore lol because today is about something different than the previous treatment but I really can’t think of any title; if only I’m allow to: a mature face of mine. By the way, to those who aren’t a frequent visitor here, this was the treatment I did last year, click it here. Haha, frankly I’m not a frequent visitor myself anymore due to the busy life. I made it busy but I really enjoying it. #yolo

I mean it’s a good thing for me to focus in my career now, utmost I won’t think of doing stupid dumb dumb crazy stuffs. Oh man, there’s still lotsa something awesome awaiting us out there right? You see I scrolls those positive quotes everyday, haha, input is easier than output kua. *piff* I hope I’m dead sometimes. =____=”

Bendan | The Sweet Hulk and me

I really liking this picha which captured last December. </3 ♫ Taylor Swift’s Last December ♪

It does, it does looks sweet and I mean perfect the picha but it’s not about the picha today, piff! I looks old a bit in the picha eh? You may focus on the lines T^T. I never realize that I’ve smiling lines at my nose or mouth area until Dr. Jasmine told me a few weeks ago during my second visit. I was like, OMG, there’s such lines on my face?! (⊙?⊙)

“You must be laughing a lot, very often til the lines are so obvious, even obvious than mine.”

I hope so… :’)

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