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5 Min Hair Makeover | Hair Depot

Hello bloggie, miss eu miss eu~ ♥

Haha, excuse me alright? I always like to mumble in my blog, nag nag nag, yeah right… how I hope it will answer me, like pamper me when I’m upset, laugh with me when I’m happy. Gawd~ I shared almost my every story with it what but not really recently coz I’m super duper busy lately. Thing is, I’m happy! <( ̄︶ ̄)>

This is me but I don’t think I looks like this anymore because I gained quite a lot within few weeks. T^T Eh, I know right, my face looks super chubby right now, seriously beh tahan anymore.

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Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions

Enchanteur, not something new to me. It was quite a popular brand during my childhood as my grandmother or aunty aunty were users. Shower gel if I’m not mistaken, it was yellowish, jelly gel type and I still remember the smell. lol now sounds so old right now, it was 10 – 20 years ago. *cough* Okays, I confess – I used to try them secretly because they smell really really good. ( ̄ˇ ̄)v

Noticing Enchanteur since young, TVC influenced. I still remember their TVC, it’s about how to tackle guy with Enchanteur yada yada~ heh! Mum refused to buy it because I should never trust TVC. But, but but.. I dai dai bought one la but end up I didn’t use it. Hey, using my pocket money ok? And mum was right. ( ̄. ̄)+

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In a holiday mood now since I’m going off to somewhere else next week. Yeap, won’t be around for a week. But when you’re off for a few days right, you’ll need to catch up with lotsa things and works… gonna be a super busy June to me. Btw who cares, ikr.

One thing I like about The Butterfly Project is mamasan don’t judge us by the way we are, the way we write. Gawd, I can write everything in my crazy bubbly way… I feels like mumbling to myself long long time ago. I really want to *stress* but someone told me that social influencer shouldn’t write whatever we want because it will effect what people think about us and everything, professionalism iz da word babe. This is why I lost interest in writing even blogging. Thanks to that person :)

Watched “That’s What I am”. Well, if you ask, I would say it’s a bit boring, to adult. Hahaha.. but I’m a movie lover so is fine. Sometimes, movie is just a voice that distracts me to stuff more things into my head.

No, this post ain’t about movie review. If you want, maybe we can talk about Godzilla lol! Never knew that Godzilla is a hero, I thought he’s the bad guy all the time. Hahahaha, alright, go watch it yourself. I think it’s quite entertaining, you’ll end up giggling.

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Laser Tag | Laser Warzone

Frankly I’ve ben struggling until the very last minute whether I should join this Laser Tag thing because I played paintball before and it was quite a terrible experience but FUN, of course it’s fun but just *yes* pain painball, the bruises can last for 2 – 3 months wtf. Besides, I’m not really a fighting person, I don’t like to get involve in any fight, argument nor interested with any strategy killing. *zap* Peace lover k? Peace please! (→_→)

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Prodigy Launch | REDEFINE

Bendan | Prodigy Launch REDEFINE Party

Had a great night with my buddies and friends last TGIF! Thanks Manoah for the invite, you know, need some sparkles else the life would be kinda dull. By the way, just let the pictures do the talking coz I’ve picked the best pictures I can find in Prodigy’s album, o m g the photographers, the lighting, the ambiance and the pichas are amazing! :3

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