Good Hair Day

Apparently I look like I’m high on drugs when I’m in a happy mood. Everything seems to be more entertaining – ya’ll see me laugh at my own pimple… Ok, TMI. This is a good one: “Oh! Now I know what makes you happy and hyper: Food and good hair day.” Don’t judge a chilli padi, I own… Read more

Women of Will

I’m back with my smiley face. So chubby right? I can’t even recognize this face anymore, I’ve changed a lot, physically and mentally. Wanted update more about my life but there are lots of things going on. My brain is all stuffed *ah* need an escapade badly. One thing I’m happy about my life now is… Read more

1 Year Passed

So mum and little monster slept quite early, lights off and I forced myself to bed early too but it is really hard to fall asleep. Even my fav Running Man epd can’t make me feel better. The heart, ache again. Here am I, trying to dig his photos, looking and staring all over again. Cried,… Read more


最近时间好像过得那么快? 也不怎么说得上是过得充实 但很明显满脑子装着东西, 没有一晚是睡得好的。 早上起床更是特别幸苦!

It’s fine to shop online…

My weekend mostly ends up with staying in bed all day, precisely two days straight and never feel bored. As long as there are movies and shows, haha lazy bum level x10000. I’ll abandon my phone but still keep track with what’s trendy online especially K related stuffs. *cough* Kpop, Kshows, Kdramas, Kbeauty etc I want shopping, I want… Read more


我妈气我的时候让我更想爸爸,然后那份讨厌会增加10倍。 怎么到头来只有爸爸是真的很让我的男人… 如果爸爸在,也许他处理得更好。 星期五晚上放工回家一个人,想着鞋坏了不能跑步就到客厅静静一个人看书。 我家客厅乱,随手都可以拾到书,今天捡到的竟然是一本新书! 是觉得内容不大吸引可是还好啦,青少年读物ok? 顺便从桌上牵了个高级马铃薯条,从北海道买回来的哦!真的很好吃,推!!

Anger + Sadness

Was browsing online, inspiration seeking for that never ending task. If it’s a game, it’s like playing an outdated game for 2 years. I mean, game always come out with new updates, they give you different missions to keep you playing. Btw who play a same old outdated game for 2 years, not like it’s Dota. Even… Read more


短短2个小时,我发掘了很多也学习了很多道理 果然不同生活环境的人也会有不一样的领悟 我将自己埋在这个安全圈子里,真的呆太久了。 不知道什么时候开始,这般颠倒潦倒也是时候该反省一下了。


Feeling relax recently after pouring out thoughts. I mean wow, that was quite calm isn’t it? I have to admit that is very hard to read my mind, I lost count most of the time and I need a long time to figure out one simple question or emotional but that day, what I said, I meant… Read more